God’s Favor is not for You…

God’s Favor is not for You…

I don’t mean to say you don’t deserve the favor of God-What I’m saying is what God does for you, is meant to bless someone else!

Have you ever been minding your own business and a blessing drops right in your lap? I’m talking about one that even took you by surprise?! And when you get it God says let it go? It may leave you looking up like, Fa Real Jesus??! Lol But in every sense, God blesses you to be a blessing to others!

Sometimes we get offered a position or a place we’re not qualified for or don’t even think we deserve; but somewhere along the line that position rings with purpose and you look around and say, “Oh, that’s why I’m here!” That is the favor of God over your life!

God places us strategically in position like a game of chess! Wherever we are, we are either meant to protect, to defend, to support, or to advance another player in this game of life! I know sometimes we want to be selfish, and I’m not saying you won’t benefit also- but what I am saying is take inventory and see just how you can be of service to others, in the Lord, from right where you are!

You got that job or promotion for a reason, your business is booming for a reason, and God turned that passion into a purpose for a reason! Realize that His favor AIN’T just for you, but it’s for others to see God’s glory through you!

Take a moment to thank God for his favor over your life and Choose2Believe that He can use even you!

Be blessed Today and Always,

⁃ S. Latimore

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