Come As You Are

So I don’t know who need to hear this but… when the Bible said “Come as you are..” it wasn’t referring to your choice of clothes lol

It was, in fact, referring to your spirit man! Your innermost being! That part that is a complete reflection of you. So the words says, “ Come as your are…” come broken, come empty, come ill! Come to the house of the Lord and be mended, filled, and healed!

It did not say come tore up, with flip flop and socks! Nor did it say pull out your tightest pair of jeans and highest pair of heels! Now if you make it in just from work, or even just from the club, God knows and sees your heart! But the purpose behind it was to say, Come Just as You are with the Expectation of never leaving the same!

What I am saying is, We have certain dress codes and obligations for work, for court, and even for the club! Why not hold ourselves to the same expectations before God? Come giving God your best, with the expectation that your life will in return be blessed! Choose2Believe that God sees the greatness in You, He’s waiting on you to see yourself just the same!

Faith and Love,

⁃ S. Latimore 💕

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