The Struggle is Real

And it is ALL that I have ever Known... One day my baby decided she needed a baby. So she wrapped her teddy bear up in a bandana and used her blanket as a makeshift carrier as she made her way through the house! She then sat down and began to tell me her life … Continue reading The Struggle is Real

Experience is the Best Teacher

Experience is the Best Teacher 👩🏾‍🏫 What if your resume included your Job experience rather than your job experience? In today’s economy, everyone is seeking the next best thing-whether it be a job, career, a car, a home, or even the next employee! But unlike our predecessors, many of the assignments that require promotion also … Continue reading Experience is the Best Teacher

Turn Down for…?

Recently I was being interviewed for a new position and I was asked to rate myself on a scale of 1-10 in certain areas. These areas included self-discipline, knowledge of instructional practices, classroom management, family engagement, building relationship, and one that tripped me up-anger management! lol In all of these areas I rated myself no … Continue reading Turn Down for…?

The Other Side

Remember to live your life in the light. Not because it makes everything different, not because it changes the situation; but because it changes your outlook on your circumstances. Light drives away darkness, and it opens up the pathway to other side of the tunnel that seems to have you bound.