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Ballin on a Budget

Maximize the Minimum:

How to Ball on a Budget

◦ When you get paid get gift certificate/gift card to the nail shop or salon of choice

◦ Sign up for local market digital coupons/weekly ads

◦ Visit Ollie’s and other discount stores like DD’s, Roses, or Ross to stretch your dollar!

◦ Sign up for daily alerts from Groupon for discounts on travel and entertainment

◦ Use Coupons.com to print coupons before going to the grocery store

◦ Did you know you can use Coupons on WIC??!! Use coupons plus your WIC card with your EBT CARD to stretch your money!

◦ Try sites like Ebates and Honey for discounts in the things you purchase online each day!

◦ Starting a home based business?? Google Free website builder to get the word out about your product!

◦ Ask you local internet carrier about a Flat rate or discount internet for students and families!

◦ Check local listings for Apartment and housing discounts for teachers, students

◦ Visit the Fafsa website to find out about scholarships that help you go to college for free

◦ Use postable link to collect email send free resources guide-Create free resources guide

◦ Make your money work for you-check out our FREE Business Development Seminar ever Thursday at 7pm on Zoom! (Text “Info” to “81010”)

◦ Use your Tax return to pay up your bills for 3 months before you ball out 🙌🏾

◦ Use your Financial aid refund to invest in a home business that will give you a return on your investment! Need an idea where to start? Text “Start” to “81010”!

For more resources, set up a free 30 min consultation with me- Your local Vision Coach!